25-12-19 Twins: First Christmas

Wednesday 25th December 2019

Christmas Day as a family of 5, our first. So how does our first Christmas proceed? Well Erroll’s at work in the morning and I am woken by Kingsley early by Kingsley though mercifully the babies sleep in, giving them each 12 hours straight of shut-eye. Both are in fabulous moods from the moment of waking and I’m determined to keep them this chipper way. So they’re both napped morning and afternoon and in between, showered. Mindyyou Kingsley’s gone to Christmas lunch with γιαγιά & Νονά so he’s no longer badgering me to ‘watch a movie (or as he nonstop requests  μπορώ να δω έργο, μαμά?’

Its almost 7pm now as I write and the babies are blissfully asleep.

While awake we play dress ups and read ‘That’s not my Princess’ and ‘That’s not my Elephant’ while daddy cranks up the music box. I’m so excited! We four dance in the living room to Tenacious D.