04-12-19 Kingsley: Losing a Stripe

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Daddy takes you to school, I go to the Periodontist, being Wednesday you do your presentation in front of the class I pick you up, we walk home just you and I (no babies for once!), we take our time singing along the streets then really rush to take the bus to jiu-jitsu where I note you’re ready to be graded. So in your ear I stress that today of all days make every effort to demonstrate discipline and skills during class.

You do your level best to be an unruly brat. And the consequences are a heavy lesson: you lose a Stripe!

You took the blow most stoically. Head high. No emotion. Acknowledging his fate. Bowing to Sensai and retuning to the line I am proud that you truly understand what this means.

But your spirits remain high because you’re among friends after class…and Keanu buys you your next Ty doll. Order is thus restored in the universe.