05-11-17 Konstantinos has a Birthday Party

Sunday 5th November 2017

Dorōtheos attends his very first birthday party in Greece today. His little classmate Konstantìnos personally invited him to come along and all week our little man has been counting down the days. At first he was confused – especially when looking at the invitation. He’d ask whether it was his birthday party we would be attending. Each answer was the same: ‘your little friend Konstantinos is turning 4 and you’ve been invited to his birthday party. And straight after the birthday party we are heading to the airport to collect your dad!’

Indeed, today has been an epic, most wonderful and enjoyable day for the little man. He got to play with mates Dimitri, Panagiōti, Konstantinos and the rest of the gang from Miss Xrisoula’s class. At his favourite spot Anima Club no less. Then in the evening express his love for his daddy in perfect Greek. With an absence of 2.5 months the two Hartley boys have a lot of loving to catch up on.

Just arrived!