Kingsley: 2.8 Years

7th September 2016

Do I have a baby or a toddler these days?? Look at the little man, all confidence and cool. He runs our home, no doubt about it. This is the look of a kidlet who has a happy Mumma always around and a hero for a Ba-Bah who flies in an airplane.

At two years, nine months Kingsley is fast enjoying coming to grips with various aspects of his developing character: from lazy stay at home sloth to energetic curious athlete. And both these within the half hour of any one day. With his Ba-Bah Kingsley prefers two special activities: he oscillates from wanting to roll around our bed playing ‘hiding’ / using his dad as a horsey, and strenuous playground pursuits climbing, jumping, sliding.

With me, well, the kiddo is stuck most every day. Some days we don’t leave the apartment; others we are hardly inside. This is the diary of Kingsley at two years nine months of age…