26-05-20 Kingsley: Corona Testing

Tuesday 26th May 2020

While you’re at school being told by Miss Sanzari not to approach the Ipads, daddy and I are getting tested for Coronavirus at Bondi Beach. The nasal swab is awful!! Dreadfully uncomfortable and irritates the sensitive membranes. Hours later and I’m still affected!

Meanwhile you play with Lachie Shepherd and Isaac and Jesse over lunchtime and dream of a supposedly educational app called “Maths Playground” which you somehow talk your dad into downloading. Your daddy gets you from school (with strict instructions to fetch you specifically from the Pick Up Zone only) and I shop with your siblings so that your Zoom Jiu-jitsu class is conducted without little people demanding to come in the lounge room.

Tonight after tears brought on because I took away the Ipad (addicted to bloody Netflix you are) both daddy and I get to pour affection over you. First he showers with you, then I join. You are the cleanest 6 year old in Sydney. I read you two books then daddy puts you to bed. We all kiss good night and give thanks that you love us back.