21-04-18 Francis Five

Saturday 21st April 2018

An impromptu invitation comes our way and I’m not saying no. Its a morning swim and picnic with the excellent Francis Five; old ex-High mate Stephanie Matis’ brood. They’re wanting our company at Coogee and we want theirs.

Immediate expression of love between Kingsley and Stephanie; he runs into her for a hug but we know the ulterior motive: ‘where are my cousins?’ he asks. Nicholas Sienna & Harrison are already in the sea. Kingsley literally races Saxon to get to them first. He’s in and body surfing leaving us mums to natter.

Two hours of swimming / getting dumped causes a great hunger in thes four kiddies. We’ve got cinnamon slice and ‘Minions’ cupcakes. Its not enough; they demand hot chocolates. To go, of course; they’ve got a playground to explore.