26-10-18 23 Week Scan

Friday 26th October 2018

Last night Linus slept with JiaJia which means I got the decadent pleasure of spreading my fat self all over the bed and even spooning Erroll something we’ve not been able to do since our week alone in Athens.

This morning while Kingsley remained asleep I got to experience another treat something I’ve not done for six months. And that is wake with Erroll, fix him breakfast and send him off to work with a packed lunch.

And while still asleep (the child woke at 10am!) I walked to the hospital and got myself checked out. 23 weeks along now. As an inpatient I’m given the full going over: bloods, scans, temp, blood pressure, heart beat monitors, cervix, swabs, the works. Midwives, Registrars and Senior Consultants visit me.

Best of all, I’m now registered as a patient with the Royal Womens Hospital, and shall give birth here! Next best is that Kingsley is in capable hands: half the day with JiaJia Dora and the other half with Aleka feeding Sam.