18-11-18 Don’t Go To Work Daddy

Sunday 18th November 2018

Its one of his favourite morning activities – walking his father to the bus stop for work – but its also heart-wrenching for the wee champ. Kingsley breaks down crying when his daddy boards the 374 bus service. Cries and pleads ‘don’t go to work daddy’. So emotional! The child simply cannot bear parting from his dad and cried while sitting at the bus shelter looking longingly at the bus as it drove away.

But Mummà saves the day! I rang Νονά Marlen and arranged a play date with Frankie the Dog. Down to Doggy Park we head with his new two wheel ‘Razor’ scooter and a tennis ball. Even JiaJia Dora joins us. Frankie is too excited but I think Kingsley tops off the enthusiasm barometer.

We bring him home, feed him doggy biscuits and attempt to hose him down; the pergola becomes saturated while the dog escapes into the house damp wet and lays directly on JiaJia Dora’s genuine Iranian carpet. Dorothĕa the Cat is still fat and sleepy from eating half a rat (deposting this morning the other half by the back door) so isn’t too skittish when Frank boulders in.

While Erroll flies the East Coast today, Coogee is inundated with family: Marlen, Con, Sylvia, Matt, Adam & Anna. Mum is chipper with her family around and Kingsley truly goes mad from excitement. Already having eaten two Bulla youghurt icecreams this arvo, Marlen brings round his favourite: mini Magnums. That’s demolished too.