21-08-18 Lyon Day 7

Tuesday 21st August 2018

A sleep-in! Woo-hoo 8:15am and neither of us fancies getting out of bed. So we don’t. And ’cause we want to and we can, the Apple TV is turned on and a fantastic animated movie starts while I prepare us for our day of 1) eating, 2) parcour, then 3) commuting all the way to Greece.

And so to eating as priority #1: a French buffet is a festival of pastries, glorious meats, butters of all sorts, delicious dairy and local sausison. If Kingsley eats nothing but sausages and buttered baguette for breakfast I’m a happy mummà. I of course eat my way through the entire buffet then play a game of fuseball to digest…

Finally out of the Mama Shelter restaurant and off to Parc Blandon for what the French are known for – parcour. Its Kingsley’s second go at this outdoor park as he expected me to fulfillthis promise to him the first time we came here which was on Sunday.

But the child got waylaid by the sight of this extraordinary carousel. 8 goes round the carousel was only just enough for Kingsley’s satisfaction. Its our third carousel while in Lyon (yesterday on the banks of the river Rhone and last week inside le Parc de la Tête d’Or) and all of them originals built in the 1800’s tjen meticulously restored.

Farewell heavenly Lyon. I’d like to think we’ll see you again.