39 Weeks: Before and After

What a wonder the female form in: not the sexiness of it, nor the curves or athleticism or even its aesthetic (which are all undoubtedly beautiful in their mystery and majesty). What I mean in ‘wonder’ is its elasticity, its ability to form and reform, to flexibly bend and then miraculously snap back. Well, at least this is what I am wishing for!

You see, in carrying Seahorse and nurturing its growth (to a mighty 4kg now), I have gained 21 kg. My body has taken over my mind and indeed has an agenda all its own. It is as if I no longer am boss of my corporal self. Two years ago I was a distance swimmer and half-marathon runner. Endurance was my high. Exercise in the stifling heat of the desert I was addicted to. And my material self responded in kind…

Swimming in our rooftop pool, well before babies were discussed: 2 years ago (Oct 2011)

Swimming in our rooftop pool, well before babies were discussed: 2 years ago (Oct 2011)

Now I endure in another fashion: carrying a child is heavy work. Legs, buttocks, hips and thighs have expanded to carry the weight of another life. I stopped running however swims are my salvation. Whether lean like a tuna, or plump like a harp seal, I am happiest in water. Before AND after!

Desert Palm 005a

Metamorphosis of the female form when carrying a baby. Taken November 2013

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  1. Jennifer O'Brien says:

    You are a divine goddess and a wonderful ambassador for women of all kind, all ages. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey x

  2. Missy V says:

    I am in love with this post and in awe of how awesome you look preggers! You are an inspiration to me and many others Mrs H…so soon to be a yummy mummy. Seahorse is nearly ready to gallop and we are waiting to help with open arms xxxxxxxx

  3. Ilse says:

    Wow great photos!!! I think your doctors scales might be broken however, because you certainly don’t look +21 kilos!! Still loving the updates, and thinking of you 3 lots and lots xxxxx Sam, Ilse & Zac

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