09-05-19 Kingsley: Mothers Day Stall

Thursday 9th May 2019

Today I get the pleasure of doing the morning run…without a baby attached to me! Erroll has got it under control at Casa Coogee while preparing for work. I’ve got my number one and stuffed in an envelope is $20 for Linus to spend on Jiajia Dora and I. We walk via the newsagency within which every Thursday a small number of Ελληνής magazines are delivered abd from which pile we choose one for Jiajia. There: her pressie sorted.

Mine will be hand selected from the school’s Mother’s Day Stall already set up in front of the assembly hall. Kingsley is all eyes. Spotting some colourful gnomes his decision is made: a sporty gnome for mummă. That’s $10 (rort); another $5 to spend on me!

Here are the lads in the back yard all toastie in winter kits Oma sent through to us from Bangakow. Winter is marching firth as summer retreats to the northern hemisphere.