29-03-18 Cupcakes

Thursday 29th March 2018

While I attended old school friend Ronnie Glasel’s memorial with all our High friends, drinking champers to his memory at North Bondi SLSC, Kingsley enjoyed a day of baking cupcakes with his JiaJia Dora.

Tipsy, dizzy, dehydrated and bone tired from my day celebrating the life of Ronnie among old school friends, come 5pm Kingsley wants to party in the sun. So out we go to climb rocks and swim in rockpools, christen Giles Baths with his usual emergency poo and for me to corral a search team of kids when he runs away in the bushy headland. He’s found by the outdoor showers ontop of the stairs then proceeds to get mad at me for not following his directions. As if I was the one who didn’t uphold my end of the bargain!

Little run-away!