28-04-19 Kingsley: Orthodox

Sunday 28th April 2019

A full family day out: all three kiddies are with me and Marlen, Jiajia and Sylvia at Roula’s for Easter. Its our special day; the holiest of feasts commemorating Christ rising from the dead. Usually we attend church but without Erroll to drive us we can’t get to Taylor Square unless the bus takes us (and that ain’t happening). So its off to Monteray we go Marlen driving our car there. Erroll joins us at 6pm after work.

Kingsley is enthusiastic not in the slightest about the feast nor of the BBQ but because his cousins await him. Eva (just turned 3), Mia (4) and Jake (6) go crazy the minute Kingsley walks in holding his Easter basket full of eggs. He’s here to play and share the chocolate. Its darling. I want to squish him.

Its Eva who accepts his offer to eat egg after egg. They sit across from one another the only distance between their crossed legs is Kingsley’s basket. And plucking the first egg he offers it to Eva who accepts it graciously. They unwrap their eggs, eat them and grin.