04-01-18 Dr. Elias & the 5th Tooth

Thursday 4th January 2018

Fifth and final bad tooth had to be fixed, and today we walked to the very best of paediatric dentists here in Dubai, Dr. Elias, at Souk Al Manzil. He came highly recommended by other dentists and they were correct: he is a genius and all round good guy. Gave Kingsley a needle and he didnt even know it! No gas was needed for the needle. I of course was outside waiting in the lounge and before I knew it, Kingsley is done, he’s in Dr. Elias’ arms and both proclaim how pleasant and fun the experience was (!). Kingsley’s back left tooth was ‘put to bed, to go to sleep’ so now needs a ‘pillow’ to lay on and hence the child is gnawing on that rather than his inside cheek.

To celebrate toothy success, we spend the afternoon with Julie Bonollo and her youngest son Leo. We stroll then both boys get bored of sitting, so out they get beneath the Burj Khalifa and roam. Next is The Toy Store though Kingsley is interested in the Lego and Leo wants the racing cars but when the racetrack is not working he has a meltdown (full back arches and piercing screeches) so Julie bids us farewell.

I watch Kingsley who is watching Leo with curiosity have a tantrum and I wonder whether he recalls himself lose it like that for the past three years. Oh the tantrums just to get out of these bloody toy stores were enough to cause me grey hairs. Lucky I love this kid so much…

Walking through Al Manzil gardens before the dental visit

Straight after the dental work and feeling good! No tears.

Playing with Leo

Cars with baby Leo

The view from Old Town