15-11-19 Kingsley: Strolls

Friday 15th November 2019

Each day brings less jetlag and greater time in bed sleeping. Tonight we still argue and raise voices to get Kingsley into bed but its getting better. Fatal mistake tonight was allowing him to watch Gormiti on my device in bed. The tantrum when I took the phone off him just wasn’t worth it! Mind you Linus was very cheeky, running into another room to ‘watch’ Gormiti but then I discover he’s bloody well downloading games. 5 going on 15.

Still, his sweet side emerges every now and again such as this arvo, after jiu-jitsu when he came shopping with γιαγιά and the babies. A long stroll to the shops and back of course demanding I buy things for him anything really! A sun cream, a boot leather conditioner, chocolate (always chocolate) and icecream (which he HATED, cried over then gave to γιαγιά to eat).