29-04-19 Twins: Alert

Monday 29th April 2019

Ow wow; that was an intense day. A hectic and manic day. All three kids with me at home, all three needy and very much alert. Twins are now 3 months of age, sleeping longer at night yet day times they demand cuddles, walks, entertainment and are ready to receive the world. They’re so ALERT!

Right now its nearly midnight. Elektra is on the boob. She’s loud and wants to be heard. I swear her cries are so varied they’re like airing her grievances. She’s slowly falling sleep but the suck is strong; a limpid!

Keanu was before her: a blessed half hour difference in schedules. He woke, wanted cuddles and kisses, a change of nappy them boob. He does great on the boob but he gets lazy. Bottles have done that to him! He’s now passed out on his pram under the care of his Jiajia. Two bottles of expressed milk await his two wake-ups throughout the night. We pray its only two!

Tomorrow I’ve got the morning school run (Kingsley’s first day of Term 2) so I’m hitting the sack as soon as Miss Elektra passes out too.