Kingsley: Al Badia Golf Brunch

Friday 13th February 2015

Our wee chap continues his rampage into toddlerhood. By now, Kingsley has mastered waving “bye-bye” and charms everyone he bids farewell to. He even calls out “BAYEEE” with his limp-wristed gestures. We all clap our hands and squeal in delight when he does so, the profoundly proud parents that we are!

But keeping our son still – in one spot – is impossible these days. He not only walks unsupported, he is on the go. All the time. In fact, the only way to feed Kingsley when we are out in a open green space is to follow him about, shoveling food into his open mouth. Its my bid to feed him something nourishing just to ensure the child gets his energy stocks.

It was the same today, when we enjoyed brunch out in the open at Al Badia Golf Club: the child running about barefoot, me shadowing him with a plate of seared salmon fillet in hand, each time I’d see his mouth ajar, in would go a morsel of flesh. And as they say, a full baby is a happy baby…and our baby is just that.

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