12-07-20 Kingsley: Visiting Desi

Sunday 12th July 2020

Desi is 100% interested only in the twins today and literally every day since they were born. Kingsley coming over means that their older brother is here and not much else. They do go for a wander to feed the local stray kittens but no kittens could be found. So Kingsley and Desi run back home and straight in to the babies age comes leaving Kingsley and I to our own devises.

Well Kingsley is thrilled that Desi has a huge screen and Netflix; doesn’t mind one jot that he attention is turned to the babies as Peter puts on ‘The Lorax’ which transfixed him for the next hour.

Hungry but bashful and not wanting lamb kebab Kingsley asks Lisa for an omelet. We’re all shocked! So he eats the omelet then Peter brings out icecream and it’s only such a treat which tears him away from the big screen. Kingsley actually comes to the table!

The next exciting thing to happen is feeding their two canaries. The yellow one and the blue one look just like the birds on the box of seeds he notes to Peter. For a year Peter has been feeding these birds and he’s never noticed! We all applaud Kingsley who’s chuffed and shows me how he is mixing up his icecream in the bowl.