12-04-17 The Watergun

Wednesday 12th April 2017

Apart from the wonderous occasion today of it being the Hartley’s 9 year wedding anniversary (yay!), its also Easter school break and as such I must play enthusiastic teacher/playmate for a very keen Kingsley who is ready to tackle some nature…and trial out his new watergun.

This bright orange neropīstolo accompanied us on our hourlong journey along the coastal path via some low tide rockpools, an emergency stop for wees (and other unmentionables) beneath a shady pine tree, a chat with a fisherman, picnic time of breakfast bars and mandarins ftom Cyprus (juicy!!), batefoot pebble walking, and finally to our favourite spot: a tiny cove of azure waters directly opposite a usually fruiting fig tree.

It was Kingsley who spotted the fig tree (as in, can identify them!) and with promises that we’d stop once we found it he stripped off and was in that chilly water. I managed to wet my shins and knees; Kingsley got totally wet! Then proceeded to wet me with the bloody watergun, then fill it up, then chase me and wet me again. Frigid Spring waters ain’t that delightful for an old goat like me but this kid loved every minute of our day at the cove…

Where our favourite cove is: at the fig tree

Our favourite Saronītha cove, opposite the fig tree