30-11-17 CoCo Keys Water Park Resort

Thursday 30th November 2017

Technically our second day in gloriously sunny and mild Florida (in fact our third trip here) and this resort we are trying out for the first time is ticking all the boxes: indoor / outdoor water park, junior-sized pizzas, penny arcade, drinks by the pool…and buffet-style breakfasts.

Speaking of breakfast, during the morning ritual of stuffing anything remotely edible down Kingsley’s thoat he became spellbound. At precisely 10:30am CoCo the man-sized resort parot and his ‘minder’ came into the restaurant. Kingsley’s eyes bulged; he stopped chewing (those dreadful fried potatoes) and rushed upon the furry parrot who was coming through the door, giving him hug after hug. Fellow breskfast goers clapped and cheered.

By 11am the Hartley boys are in swim trunks and in the water park. The place is huge! At least 4 massive pools of tepid water are ours. He’s intetested in hanging with his dad however little Caleb from Florida wants to play. In fact Caleb’s mum wabts the boys to be oen pals (does this even exist any lobger?) Best I could do is give them my Facebook account.

Day 2 of cheesy pizza for lunch. Its calorie-dense and tasty. The ideal meal for very lazy mothering.