14-11-16 Sunny Saronîtha Swims

Monday 14th November 2016

As we wake for the second last day of our Greek holidays, the mundane is required of us all- sorting, packing, washing, drying, throwing away, and of course lots of playing for Kingsley. He enjoys his doctor’s bag and conducts a few make believe doctor-patient conversations with his very willing poorly patient JiaJia Dora. Next he enjoys the colour-shape ‘house’ puzzle though rejects any help whatsoever when he gets stuck with a colour. We are talking tantrums and tears. I now know to ignore his pleading eyes when he forgets what is what. It’s just not worth the headache!

And so when the apartment is in fine order and even our bags are packed for tomorrow’s trip back to Dubai, Kingsley and I head to the town square pethikî hará where he makes two new play-friends instantly. Together they climb, run, chase and I get roped into hide & seek. Of course I take little movies of these adventures, the proud mum that I am!

Next it’s beach time as the weather is extraordinary, especially so close to winter, and that just up the Continent – Romania, Hungary – the snow and freezing conditions means no one is in bathing suits. But we are! Just before we hit sunny Saronîtha main beach, Kingsley announces he needs to make a poo, so a poo he makes, in the tunnel heading to the beach, and with a splash in the water, the boy is as fresh as a summer mint.

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