06-09-18 Miss Vicki

Thursday 6th September 2018

A note to a friend…

To our awesome generous loving and caring Miss V. Vibe – look how I STILL love playing with the ELC educational puzzles you gave me. I actually asked mummà ‘…tell me my friend who gave me this’. She answered ‘it was Miss Vicki. Remember Miss Vicki?’ I ANSWERED ‘YES!’So I’d like to thank you Miss Vicki for my pressie which I play each morning before school. See?

Meanwhile your mummà prepares breakfast which these days you outright reject, preferring to dip φρυγανιές into a milky coffee. You’ve got the taste for coffee now living in Greece so long with your κουλουράκια-dipping JiaJia.

Anyway you’re on the school bus by 8:40am.and your excited parents can sneak away for a few hours to Calipso Beach Club to snorkel!

But we didn’t hog all the sunlight. After school your Ba-Bāh takes you down to our pool and there you find a new mate – 7 year old Χρήστως – wearing arm bands – who is into the same games as you. Current favourite game is wheeling the life-saving rings into the water. A kind of race. Then launching yourselves onto the floating rings in fits of laughter.

I’m upstairs right now – its 4:30pm – and I hear your voice hollering ‘mammă! Ėla!!’ so I come out on out balcony and you proudly tell me how you just went to the toilet…and that (pointing to your pal bobbing in the water) ‘this is Xristos’.