06-02-19 Day 15

Wednesday 6th February 2019

Today the Community Nurse came calling. The babies were extremely well behaved, slept like lambs, had to be woken to be weighed, never cried, and best of all, since being discharged from NICU have each put on plenty weight.

Nurse Lucinda was so complimentary of my efforts then asked if I’m ‘resting’ and ‘sleeping’. Now, week 2 of their premature lives and only recently having departed the sanitized, regulated safety of hospital sleep is non existant! I am a zombie! My eyes feel as though there is grit in them!ļ The overnight hours are insane: from 1 till 5am is a turnstile of feeding boobing pumping pooing, checking nappies washing bums umder taps, stumbling in the dark, searching for nappies, chucking stinky ones, crying settling wrapping waking feeding…over & over.

So, to answer your question Lucinda: no, I’m no longer sleeping. But the rewards are wondrous…