Kingsley: Babble

Tuesday 4th November

All kiddos are unique and I am well aware that they develop skills at varying stages but truth be told I am more that pleased to know that our son is on track with regards to exhibiting his communication abilities. Both mum and I are beside ourselves whenever Kingsley babbles, or points to the light, or laughs at my ‘jokes’.

Right now, at ten months of age, here are some of the more notable milestones he is displaying on a daily basis:

  • Looks at one of us when we speak and when his name is called (usually “NiNii“).
  • Babbles strings of sounds, like ‘no-no’ and ‘go-go’.
  • Makes noises, poinst and looks at me/us to get our attention.
  • Cracks a dimpled smile at people who smile at him.
  • Understands words like ‘bye-bye’ and ‘up’ when a gesture is used at the same time.
  • Recognizes the names of familiar objects: ‘light’ and ‘Babaa’ and ‘Jiajia’
  • Enjoys action songs and rhymes and get excited when sung to.
  • Takes turns in conversations, babbling back!
  • Boarding Emirates Flight bound for Athens, October 2014

    Boarding Emirates Flight bound for Athens, October 2014

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