29-10-16 Swimmies – Back in Dubai

Saturday 29th October 2016

Our buggy was misplaced/lost by Emirates early hours this morning so the three of us spent almost three hours at Dubai Airport dragging our sorry selves from luggage carousel to oversized luggage belt to baggage services desk. And round again. By 3:30am I was seeing double and figured that after such an active last day in Holland, then a seven hour flight to Dubai then four hours transit through the airport including this ongoing search for our luggage and buggy, I was allowed to be delirious. Kingsley was a champ with a big smile on his face and easily distracted by the literally thousands of travelers pouring out of the gates, through customs and spat out at arrivals. Erroll was not so amused but kept his cool for my sake and it was he who finally spotted Kingsley’s buggy at a belt far away from where Various Baggage Services officers told us to wait.

Fast forward six hours later, and as if wishing to make up for the airport incursion, Dubai delivered a cracker of a day: coolish breeze and blue skies; the perfect antidote to a late night and an obligatory early morning out of the house. You see, our family were invited to SkyGardens a kilometer from our home for Halloween. Two hours late but with a very sound excuse (international travel; lost luggage; home late) we turn up for a couple of hours among our DIFC community, let the kids play while us adults chat on beanbags. Later in the day we three go for a swim up on the 40th floor of SkyGardens. Its magic swimming in the sky. While I enjoyed some alone time, the boys jumped from Jacuzzi to lap pool to toddler pool and back.

Here is today’s lesson is reading the thermometer of the Jacuzzi and playing ball. Life is good.

img_9384 img_9389

Sky Gardens Jacuzzi

Sky Gardens Jacuzzi