03-11-20 Kingsley: Oma’s Visit

Tuesday 3rd November 2020

As a treat Kingsley gets to see his Oma after school as a surprise visit. And he’s wonderfully behaved, hugs and kisses her, and is the happy recipient of this cool diamonds art box. Erroll is just as engrossed in it as Kingsley, and its a much better use of our child’s brain than the utter rubbish he’s been watching lately on my phone. In fact tonight I am going to remove the phone from his reach, which always gets a hold of it every morning.

This morning I got cranky. With Elektra still asleep Kingsley BURSTS through my door ready to watch daft videos of people pouring lava into pools, or people filling pools with jelly. I shoo the child out till Elektra wakes. Another morning circus begins! Eggs and pasta down our school child’s mouth, out the door and onto the other two children.

By afternoon Kingsley is hungry (I forgot to put him his cheese & bacon roll for lunch) so inhales a bowl of pasta then goes to swimming lesson, stroke is every so slowly getting better (but not really), picks me up from Eastgardens where I buy him his birthday invitations, then he too produces an invitation: to Jensen’s birthday. Guess who’s off to Sky Zone!