24-12-19 Kingsley: Christmas Eve

Tuesday 24th December 2019

Today is an extraordinary day for you, son. This Christmas eve you’re among all your cousins from daddy’s side. First 9and second cousins. And guess what? You all get along beautifully.

Liam & Aiden from uncle Saul & Marnie, all the Muellers from Sam & Ilse, Tilly & Goldie from Aunty Mika & James. All of you playful and jovial especially Zac. You and Zac are are stronger than ever: he sees your goodness and power, you listeb more to instruction and empathise.

At the swimming competition, you win each time. We all clap and cheer you son. During the sit down lunch you eat among your cousins sharing sausages and chicken. After your third dip you quietly play spinning tops with uncle Bart. At all opportunities you come hug, kiss and play a bit with your twins, showing them how to fit a square peg into into hole.

Daddy and I are immensely proud of the young man you’re growing into.