Kingsley: Nashville Winter (Jan) ’16

2nd January 2016

So we miss our connecting domestic SouthWest Airlines flight from Orlando to Nashville and are stuck at Orlando airport for the next six hours, after an already 15 hour flight (and being up three hours before that). Needless to say Kingsley loses it, poor tired soul. We run out of nappies and I ask a fellow mum for one (she blessedly gives me two). SO while I change Kingsley Erroll pleads with the ground staff to get us on a flight. Best they can do is fly us to New Orleans waaay down south, have us wait there for a couple of hours, then fly us back north to Nashville. That particular flight was the worst any of us have had and nothing could prepare us for an hysterical, delirious, disoriented and dehydrated toddler. He was crying – nay, whaling – and no amount of boob would settle him. I myself felt unsteady on my feet and even mentioned to Erroll that I feel the ground beneath me is moving.

Still, we make it to Nashville a good nine hours after we were meant to arrive. Shaken but in great spirits of course! Here is our adventure…