27-10-17 School Photo Day

Friday 27th October 2017

Thankfully last night I opened up Kingsley’s daily activity book (just to see what notes Miss Xrisoūla had written about his disposition in class and whether he’d eaten his lunch) and out flew a note to parents. Tomorrow we’re to dress our chirrens in their Sunday best as its School Photo Day.

This morning Kingsley knew something exciting was coming up at school. While hand feeding him a banana and then koulourākia (as he watched Dora and Friends) he kept on asking when the parade (parělasi) would be; and is the yortī for me, mummà? Hmmm. Well the parělasi through Saronida be on Saturday (and indeed annually in 28th October) and the yortī is to commemorate Greece’s liberation from the oppressive Ottoman rule.

But today is specially for you, Kingsley. Photo day at school. Your Sunday best this outfit is not; more urban cowboy. However you chose it and are as happy as a clam in it.