03-03-17 Peacocks at Emirates Towers

Friday 3rd March 2017

As was my promise to Kingsley (and myself) we were to explore a new park every single day while Erroll was enjoying family reunions in Sydney and Brisbane, what has amounted to the longest layover on the Emirates network (an entire week away). So today we explored the royal peacock sanctuary that is Emirates Towers parklands.

Here peacocks have free reign as they are protected by royal decree. (The cat we met does not enjoy such luxuries so meowed till we fed it a makeshift bowl of milk (fashioned with cupped leaves – Kingsley’s doing – to my pride). Kingsley chased the docile, well fed birds around the grounds shoeless then kicked the football into the sun. From excitement he had to do a poo when he saw the many peacocks so close and happy to be fed that he had to squat then and there so he did his business in the royal Sheikh gardens. I of course carry wet wipes everywhere. Crisis averted. Carry on and play / taunt the birds we did…