16-07-17 Crack City

Sunday 16th July 2017

An email I sent to Erroll today while seated on a piece of colourful padding at the base of the slipperyslides:

Darling its 8pm. We’re in the deepest, most bright and colourful section of Fun City otherwise known as Crack City for Preschoolers. My heart is bursting from pride. Kingsley’s made a cool little male friend and they’re inseparable. The little boy is 4 years of age. They race each other down the slippery slides, plot and scheme to climb into the space ship up high like space pirates, are generally naughty and really sweating it up. Kingsley’s forever drinking water. Another boy just came up to me and asked if he could play with ‘that boy’. He pointed at Kingsley next to me!! I gave permission and advised the other boy to ask Kingsley ‘let’s play together’. Kingsley of course replied with yes, and then the three scamps ran into the distance.

All is fine on our end. Safe travels to New York xx