30-08-19 Kingsley: Magnum

Friday 30th August 2019

Windy and wet arvo, lashing winds, crying babies who won’t nap and a kindy child needing to be picked up. I’m screwed. But then Jenny So calls for a chat and as I express my rising anxiety about school pick up during this storm and she suggests I approach a neighbour to help. Bingo! Brigitte to the rescue.

So once again I get alone time with my big boy. Its what I want more than anything – to be one-on-one with my number one. I want to give him me, my time, my humour, my songs, my hand to hold and of course his current favourite icecream, a white chocolate Magnum.

After a cheeky wee in the bushes (him) we want to stroll hand in hand down Coogee Bay Road before our Woolies shop. He asks me ‘when can I go back on stage again?’ then badgers me for items on his wanted list: chocolate, Oreos, Yakult, chocolate milk.

I concede defeat and buy him Yakult.