Kingsley: Sleep

Thursday 10th July 2014 8PM

I am secretly wishing that you take not from me, darling son, but from your father in the area of sleep requirements and sleepability. You see, Erroll can very easily go to bed and rise fifteen hours later. Not a problem! Your father seems to need significantly more rest than I do, even though I adore laying down and getting the benefits of a rested body and mind. He seems to adore it even more and besides, sleep comes easily to him. And I desire the same for you.

According to the guides, a seven month old should be sleeping around 14 hours in every 24. Kingsley usually sleeps for ten hours at night, and we are hoping this means he has figured out how to settle back to sleep –  a sign that we are raising a good sleeper. But I fear not, for our baby sleeps between us, in the family bed (and feeds/suckles/attaches to the boob at least four times during the course of the night). Lord only knows what drama will follow us attempting to put him to bed in a separate bed chamber…

Am we ready to a) night wean and b) send him off to his cold new cot (which has been assembled and is daintily adorned with gifted sheets and pretty pillows)?

Er, let me think about it a little longer. In the meantime, I will enjoy this scene night after night…

Sleepy times 001a

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