25-10-20 Twins: Tiana’s 5th Birthday

Sunday 25th October 2020

What is initially a quick, one hour visit turns into a wonderful day spent at Litsa & Stan’s for their youngest child’s 5th birthday party. The Hartleys bring cake, candle and lighter. Kingsley leads the charge to singing Happy Birthday Tiana, with gusto he gets into the swing of playing with her while the babies slowly warm up then let loose.

All day the twins eat. Chocolate cookies, chocolate brownies, watermelon, mango and more cookies and watermelon. Then Litsa serves up lunch: τυρόπιτες which all three Hartley kids enjoy! I’m the happiest mum on earth when all three accept food from hostesses and graciously eat. Today was a stellar performance from all 3 with good manners and playfulness.

While Kingsley jumped on the trampoline with Tiana, the babies played Mr. Potato Head with George. When Kingsley literally ran as fast as he could toward the back yard and smack into the glass sliding door, the babies jumped from shock. Litsa running to him with a bag of frozen peas to apply to his forehead.

By 3pm though everyone is delirious though Kingsley in a form of pre-emptive strike badgers me to stay. I don’t want to go home mumma. I want to stay here with Tiana. While he carries whining that he doesn’t want to leave in between painting a faery box, unboxing his LOL Doll For Boys and threading his necklace, Elektra falls asleep in my arms. Keanu wanders about the house but I know when he’s in the car he’ll eventually pass out. And pass out he does his belly full of watermelon and τυρόπιτες!