12-06-20 Twins: Tram

Friday 12th June 2020

Its a cold, wet, miserable winter’s day and the babies are unsettled, clingy, wanting to be held, unsatisfied with any and all toys, and Keanu is coming out of the very painful tonsillitis he’s suffering. Still on antibiotics and Neurofen our boy won’t eat and grizzles alot. Elektra is extra needy today. There’s no way I’m staying home with these two!

So out we go for an adventure on the Tram Erroll also happy to chaperone us till Chalmers Street before heading back to fetch Kingsley for his play date with Lachie.

The babies are great company, me, I’m most agitated since they’re not eating! But squeezie yoghurt saves us again. We enjoy walks through Town Hall, watch as swarms of police descend upon our city in preparation for any Black Lives Matter protests then we head back to Randwick on the Tram.

Here our boy takes a turn: playing hide & seek with the curtains in the parents room Keanu leans forward both hands up ready to steady himself but its the soft curtains in front of him! He takes a hit in the mouth his tiny front teeth puncturing his top lips, bloody everywhere.

Takes so long to console him, the tears are real and that mouth is bloody. Elektra watches on and only approaches her bro when I’ve got him in the comfy chair giving him a bottle of milk. She’s so jealous.

Daddy comes fetches us both babies down to sleep early tonight.