19-03-19 Kingsley: School Photos

Tuesday 19th March 2019

Although i don’t see you before school starts I know daddy would have done a fine job in styling your hair. For today is school photos! He’s been talking to me all week on which product to use on your hair (mud) and what to do with your fringe (sweep it to the side).

Remember how to smile now! You and I practiced in your big mirror all the various smiles on your repertoire. The one to avoid at all costs is dry top lip curled under top set of teeth. Thats a no-no. Every cell in me is confident that you smiled brightly for the camera.

Later in the day when daddy collects you, Miss Penousis would have us know thst you won best hair in KP Class, and that yours was the widest, most genuine smile. She was super proud of hiw yiu conducted yourself. Here is how daddy captured you; waiting in libe ehen the 9am bell rang… and at jiu-jitsu on the arvo with hair still magazine worthy. Good job, daddy.