Kingsley: Ramadan Day 2

Monday 30th June 2o14

It was just you and I today, little one. Your father is in Zurich on a layover (watching the Netherlands play Mexico, I think, in the World Cup), so its up to me and you to get our act together and be out of the house in time for nursery and to get me to the office (ho hum).

Of course we made it on time; we always do, Kingsley. You are my little champ. A couple of mini tantrums don’t deter me; I know you want the company of us adults so I carry you everywhere: bathroom, kitchen, when I express milk, as I call friends and even while I dress.

This afternoon I watched you attempt to crawl over the play mat at nursery. You were encouraged to do so with smiles and cheers by one of your loving nurses. I quietly wept on the inside, seeing you grow strong and confident. My Ramadan gift to myself was watching you for half an hour. A true gift from God…

Kingsley loves his nurse at Hummingbird Nursery

Kingsley loves his nurse at Hummingbird Nursery

Learning to crawl 030

One of Kingsley’s adoring nurses from Hummingbird Nursery encourages the boy to crawl.


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