03-11-17 Early Birthday

Friday 3rd November 2017

Linus got spoilt today by his closest buddy in Saronītha, Phædon. We are talking play dates, birthday presents, bags full of clothing, toys and dinner of home made pizza at his little mate’s place.

Alexandra had been preparing for Kingsley’s 4th birthday for a while and told us she wanted to have a wee birthday for him. Tonight was the night! So Kingsley and I walked over to theirs, hollered loudly for Phædon to open the door and once the boys caught sight of one another they didn’t stop hugging.

Inside, they played nicely for about 5 minutes then bashed each other, wrestling and pulling clothes. Kingsley got his wish of playing the ‘Fishing’ game however Phædon wasn’t much interested and would pluck the fish out with his fingers instead of using the fishing line which infuriated Kingsley and all out rock n roll wrestling between the two would break out.

Alexandra and I lost control of them; no amount of coaxing was taming the wildness of their intense friendship; jad to get them out. So off we went to the playground where it was fun and laughter for five minutes till Phædon took hold of a kid’s skateboard, went down the slide on it and smashed his teeth/mouth/lips once he hit the ground.

The little man was smashed up so we bid them goodnight and farewell. Adieu till next year as the family relocate to the west coast island Kefalonia and the start of Phædon’s education at school. Thank you for Kingsley’s early birthday, and see you next year!