31-07-19 Twins: Mumma’s Out

Wednesday 31st July 2019

I rarely go out, let alone go out alone. However today I do…and its a magical feeling. Just me and Tiffany eating Mediterranean flavours at our Surry Hills local.

At first Keanu was to come out with me but he passes out in my bed after a hearty breakfast of one mashed banana and a bowl of Greek Yoghurt. Chase it wigh a bottle of milk and he’s countubg sheep.

Then I think to take Elektra with me to lunch however Erroll insists she and Daddy hang out especially since Josh and his twins are coming over to play with the Hartley twins. So they drive me to Tiffany’s office and she gets to see just how big our girl grows.

Lunch is red lentil soup with a side of pesto sour dough.