06-01-21 Twins: Home with Mumma & Γιαγιά

Wednesday 6th January 2021

The wontons are restless sleepers and spread themselves out on this Queen mattress hardly any room left for me and at any rate I really dislike being in the middle of the bed but having them side by side is calamitous as they play, laugh, can’t sleep from the nudges and winks.

So I act as police guard between them and they sleep, wetting themselves throughout the night the heavy drinkers that they are. Many a nappy have I changed at 12 midnight.

This morning its all smiles and cuddles. Deliberately do I keep them in bed hoping Γιαγιά will feed Kingsley his milk and the craziness won’t start too early. All three kids are great though respecting this household’s need to sleep in. And they all get up around 8:30am. Neither Erroll or I could cope if it were earlier than that. And I’d faint! With Erroll away the next few nights I must convey to the children that sleeping in is a cool thing to do.

Currently Keanu is enjoying telling us all to “move” if a leg or an arm is in his way. Elektra is forever telling anyone who cares to listen that [insert object] “is MINE”. I cannot get over how many times per day she can repeat “me” and “mine”.

Γιαγιά likes to ask her “ποιος είναι η αγριόγατα;” to which if she’s feeling charitable replies “me” while pointing to herself. If she’s feeling sassy she points to me, her mumma! Everyone falls about laughing.

Because Keanu didn’t nap in bed today I must take him out for a walk while Elektra gets her own walk down the road with Γιαγιά holding hands. Keanu by 4on the is a mess and in direct need of sleep so out we go. Doesn’t take him long to pass out but of course I make the fatal error of abruptly adjusting his recliner avd he jolts, awakens and howls. I’m so cranky with myself! Takes ages to calm the poppet down but once we’re stationary near the frosty beach and I’m calm myself he passes out. My darling boy, so sensitive and kind.

Tonight sleep overcomes all three of us quickly. I pass out with the littlies singing a Karen Carpenter tune.