29-08-19 Kingsley: Car wash at NIDA

Thursday 29th August 2019

Its the day the entire school community has been waiting for: the School Concert! With his new shorter haircut and even shorter denim overalls Kingsley is at school bright and early to catch a bus for dress rehearsals at NIDA.

I’m a ball of anxiety: will Kingsley be hungry? Thirsty? Cold? So for breakfast the child eats (force fed) three eggs, a banana, a croissant and a yoghurt. Before jiu-jitsu (and yes out commitment to his sports is high) the child is fed a slice of γιαγια’ς παστίτσιο.

Off he goes to the NIDA stage door, daddy chaperoning him (then passing him to Otis’ dad in order to come fetch us), for a star is born!

And at precisely 6pm Erroll, myself and the babies plonk our bums down, the lights are dimmed and the Coogee Public School Concert begins. Scene 4 is where the REAL action is…at the KP Car wash! And out flies our darling cute as a button his size 8 girls overalls from Best & Less far too tight and riding up his bum. Zero coordination but what Kingsley lacks in dance style he makes up for in enthusiasm.