18-09-20 Kingsley: Ooshies Complete!

Friday 18th September 2020

It finally happened: Kingsley opens up the last Ooshie packet containing what he has hoped would be a Woodie – the only Ooshie missing from his 36 figuring collection box. Thanks to Sylvia and uncle Matt for the Ooshie haul!

That’s the joy of our morning, together with the excitement of having a Playdate with Lachie Shepherd this arvo. So between the Woody discovery and anticipation of Lachie fun Kingsley skips off to the car for Erroll to drive him to school. Kingsley kisses me and makes me promise to pick both boys up at the gate. I of course will be brandishing ice creams for the lads.

Well our arvo plan doesn’t work out: Lachie has nits. Kingsley slinks home with me confused about what nits do so I take the opportunity to educate our son on the devious nature of those creatures…by the end of our walk home Kingsley is sufficiently satisfied not to want anything to do with nits. Jiu-jitsu awaits our not-free child.