Kingsley: Labaneh

Friday 22nd August 2014

By far, natural strained yoghurt is Kingsley’s favourite food. Its the Greek in him, I’d say. And from the age of six months we have been enjoying it together (me, low fat; King the full fat variety.) But only recently have Erroll and I introduced the Arabian version of this creamy delight, labaneh, into Kingsley’s repertoire of first foods. And its a hit!

Now while I insist on low fat (or now fat) yoghurt for me, its the opposite when choosing yoghurt and labaneh for our son. Babies actually need the fat to grow. They benefit from fat soluble vitamins (A, K, E, D) and go nuts with the taste and the sensation of extra-creaminess that comes along with it!

But clearly the most important aspect of this thick, nutritious, creamy taste sensation is its ability to mimic face paint. Kingsley cant get enough…

Labeneh 006 Labeneh 007 Labeneh 008

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