9th February 2016

Whenever Erroll is abroad (which is often) the family bed is used for not only for sleeping and naps, but Kingsley and I play chase on its spongy mattress, watch YouTube, lay about looking at all the pretty personal items on display, nibble on cashews, Skype with our missing man, and take photos.

Nowadays, Kingsley has come to realize that there is no getting out of our daily photography sessions. In fact, he derives much pleasure from seeing his face when we both look at the camera (I mean, iPad). See, we send a photo-a-day to our family back in Australia and to Erroll wherever he may be. This week he has been on the longest layovers Emirates operates: the Dubai-Bangkok-Sydney-Auckland-Sydney-Bangkok-Dubai route, and at each stop we manage to Skype.

I am seeing first hand just how ingrained into modern popular culture the iPhone/ipad/computer screen, is. Especially with the next generation of users: babies like Kingsley, who adore clicking buttons and swiping screens. He especially enjoys taking selfies with his Mumàa…

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