03-11-20 Twins: Separated for the Day

Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Since Oma is coming over and I’ve got an existing date with Claudia, we decide to separate the twins for everybody’s benefit. I take Elektra for walks and a picnic while Keanu stays with daddy and Oma who go to lunch at The Spot (and where Keanu sleeps through the eggs Benedict).

Later the little lady and I shop, then take the 400 to Eastgardens, collect photos and more invitations to fill out for Kingsley’s 7th birthday party. And then Kingsley himself comes to pick us up for home.

We’re in Day 2 of no hair pulling, Elektra feeling more confident that we adore her and us adults doing everything in our power to distribute our affection and presence fairly. She needs more and Keanu enjoys being numero uno for his Oma taking her hand, leading her to the balcony, showing her his toys and being fed chicken by his Oma.