05-05-18 Morning: Hassan Birthday Party

Saturday 5th May 2018

Its our second last Saturday in Dubai and we make it last! Layla and Maya have their long awaited birthday party at Fairytales in Town Centre and JiaJia Dora is up for the festivity. Kingsley is the first guest. I am super proud of us – 10am on the dot, socks on and he dives into the magical world of make-believe. Scarlett – Holly Benny’s second child – takes a shine to Kingsley and she full-on crushes on him; leans in for photos with him, shares her balloon, leads him into the ‘reading corner’ etc.

The one moment I take for myself, to have a seat next to mum, drink my tea, is lost. Kate Tooby brings a crying and bloody-mouthed Kingsley to me. A busted lower lip is dribbling and he can’t deal. Ice packs and tissues plus drinking lots of water helps though he wont let the ice pack out of his mouth. At one point he enjoys the ride and relays to whoever is listening how he split his lip (wooden toy in the baby area; fell down on him, it went ‘boom’ etc)

Play resumes for him, then singing happy birthday then having lunch together. Proudly Kingsley yells to Graham Tooby how he is seated next to his friend Harrison and that Harrison is seated across from Maya.

On the way home the child tells his JiaJia Dora that Layla and Wyzie are his ‘best friends’.