Kingsley: Upright

October 2014, Greece

Ever since our baby mastered the art of sitting and crawling, he immediately aim higher and higher – until he finally found himself on his feet. Although I have dearly loved each precious week of his babyhood, I now realise that it is important to give Kingsley time to gain his independence and bear some weight on his own legs. Well this actually began at 8 months old. Standing on his own is an important milestone: it requires strong legs, knowing how to bend at the knee, and being able to shift his own weight. Standing up was one thing; learning how to sit back down again, something completely else.

This week while in sunny beachside Saronida, King found his feet at a shady children’s playground. I offered encouragement and many rounds of applause as he showed his Mumaa how strong – and independent – he is becoming.

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