Kingsley: Sleep Schedules

Thursday 5th March 2015

As of today, Kingsley thrives (and is a much less irritable toddler) when he receives 14 hours sleep in every twenty four hours. For the most part, he slumbers well at night (save for when a pre molar cuts through, or when he is coughing or congested) and likes to have twelve hours (with one wake up for a feed). Naps are still twice a day, and these are necessary (for all of our sakes), especially the mid morning one. In fact this is the one I would not forfeit for anything. The afternoon nap Kingsley can miss out on only if he has a substantial nap in the morning.

For this, below,  is ultimately what we all aim for: both Erroll and I can attest to there being nothing sweeter that gazing upon this luminous face as it rests. And for Kingsley, well, he loses any crankiness the instant he receives plenty of good quality sleep. So enjoy the siestas while you can, child!


Napping in our family bed


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