21-06-20 Twins: Jesse Over

Sunday 21st June 2020

Kingsley’s good buddy Jesse is over today but with daddy flying Melbourne return, this mama is riddled with anxiety on how the twins will nap when I’ve got 4 kids to look after. Staying indoors is not an option. Even with three it siells disaster. So even before Jesse arrives I’ve got my three out the door and walking in fresh air. It works: the babies calm down, stop their crying, drink milk and Elektra falls asleep. Of course Keanu doesn’t; he’s too interested in the surroundings.

Both babies are now walking. Keanu’s gait is a wobbly, uneven, delightful big-foot style stomp. Elektra is quicker and age can turn around without falling on her bum.

Their into the playground nowadays. Well, we visit the tiny Brook Street one with the big boys. Keanu can’t get enough! Won’t let me change his stinking nappy! Elektra is such a madame: reaches into the buggy’s pocket, pulls out her bottle, drinks her milk whilst standing then returns the bottle once her thirst has been sated.