18-08-20 Twins: Sylvia’s Chook Eggs

Tuesday 18th August 2020

Sylvia yesterday brought over half a dozen eggs from her chicken 🐔 coop and today all three kids devoured them. Kingsley with almost 4 as we practice his presentation (how school differs now from when your when your parents attended), the twins over 2 together as we play in the front yard so sunny and fresh this day is.

Both babies prefer outdoors one hundred percent. Not a whine from them when that front door is open. So out they go with their ride on toys Keanu destroying himself as he rides the lion up the front steps. Many tears and a sore ear but nothing that a large pink bouncy ball doesn’t heal.

Elektra is obsessed with my phone, stealing it from pockets and prams then coming to show me that she’s holding it. Tears flow and she WAILS when I take it off her but nothing that telling her ‘lets put your shoes on’ doesn’t remedy.